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Bracelet and Earring Sets
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Bracelet and Earring Sets are a quick and fun way to liven up and add sparkle to any outfit.  Be it jeans and a t-shirt for a trip to the grocery store, or a night on the town, stylish pieces will add that little extra touch you need to wow them.


BBA01 Baby Blues - Shades of light blue, accented with lovely heart shaped beads in chandelier earrings....$14.99


BBA02 Stormy Blues - Dark blues and purple tone seed beads create this lovely set.... $14.99


BBA03 Sky Blues - Brilliant shades of blue make up this sweet set....$14.99


GGA01 Emerald Greens with touches of sea green adorn this lovely set....$14.99


GGA02 Grassy Green - Shades of jade and olive blend to create a striking set.... $14.99


GGA03 Fresh Greens - A mixture of bright, fresh greens reminiscent of spring adorn this set...$14.99

Beautiful Blues and Gorgeous Greens bracelets and earrings sets are all handmade, bracelets are stretchy for easy comfort fit and wear and chandeliers dangle and shake at just the right length.